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Belinda Moss is the THE makeup artist everyone wants.  For over 20 years she has been the number one choice for A-list celebrities, musical superstars and management types. Belinda is based in the New York City, Nashville Tennessee and Tampa Florida areas.

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Wesley Snipes

You know when Weley Snipes walks into a room!

He’s as fierce as they come.

I was TV surfing last night and I came across “To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything”… OMG the man had me in stitches !

Not only does he play a badass vampire but he can play a cross dressing Queen like no other.

Wesley is such a gentleman and he was so excited as soon as he walked in the door.

A true professional and I was thrilled to be his groomer on set.

Noxzema Jackson will be forever in my heart.

Go Team Wesley :)


Marillyn Hewson CEO of the YEAR 2018

I just love working for strong, smart powerful women and that is exactly who Marillyn Hewson is.

A woman Like Marillyn makes you stand a little bit taller.

If there was one executive determined not to let politics get in the way of business this year, it was Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson. She deftly deflected a string of tweet attacks from President Trump—the Commander-in-Chief of Lockheed’s largest customer—by vowing to cut the cost of the company’s new F-35 fighter jets and to create 1,800 U.S. jobs. Hewson then reaped the benefits of Trump’s $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, securing contracts worth a quarter of that total. The company’s sales are on track to grow 7% in 2017. (Hewson also remained on Trump’s now-disbanded manufacturing council when many of her peers resigned this summer.) Lockheed stockholders, meanwhile, have been well rewarded, earning an 81% total return over the past three years and 28% so far in 2017.


Congratulations to a WOMAN making CEO in a mans world!



Penn & Teller "Fool Us"

Being in the desert meaning VEGAS for 15 days is hard on a girl,  but working with Penn & Teller & the whole "Fool Us" crew is so worth it!!!

This is our 4th season of "Fool Us" on the CW Network channel & they are already taking about the 5th season...YAY! The show was also nominated for many awards this past year. 2017 will not disappoint! 

Penn & Teller are the coolest guys to work with & all the magicians that come on the show make for such a memorable  day.

Of course I would NEVER tell how the tricks are done..... but honestly the acts are getting better & better.  There were more magicians that fooled them this year than all the years combined.

Can't wait for next year :D

John Cena


When John walks into a room you know it!

He's in awesome shape but he can't fit into clothes off the rack :)  John's legs are so muscular we had to rip the back of the board shorts to get him in them.

Working with him was a blast as he was the host of the Nickelodeon "Kids Choice Awards".

It was a very COOL feeling looking up in Times Square & see the promo we did for the show. As they say it was as big as life.... and life is GOOD!!!


Natalie Cole

A friend found this picture of Natalie Cole when I did her hair & makeup for the week to sing with "Countess Luann" for New York Housewives.

Natalie's voice was that of an angel… Luann's not so much.

When they both sang together, clearly you knew who was classically trained.

Natalie has ALWAYS been a pro to work with & I will miss her very much.

In this picture we went through 8 different red lipsticks to match her dress :)

She was so stunning that night.

Out of all her problems, she showed up on time & was a true class acts.

RIP Natalie Cole!

2016 Halo Awards with Jo Jo

The Nickelodeon HALO Awards is a TV special that airs on TeenNick but recently has been voted to be aired on all of the Nickelodeon channels except TVLand and Nick Jr. This year it will be hosted on Thanksgiving weekend, but usually is aired every December.[1] It profiles five ordinary teens who are Helping And Leading Others (HALO). Created by chairman Nick Cannon, the show is similar to other awards shows, such as CNN's Heroes award. The HALO Awards "...flips the script and features today’s biggest celebrities giving out the awards instead of receiving them,” said Marjorie Cohn, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Development of Nickelodeon.[2] It profiles four teens who are usually seniors in high school or have just started college, that sacrificed themselves to better the lives of others.

I had the best time with Jo Jo & Nick Cannon.

The show is close to my heart as it celebrates kids that are trying to make the world a better place.

Don't we ALL need that ?

VH1 Divas Unsilent Night

‘Tis the season for wigs, sequins, and piping hot vocals, because the VH1 Divas are coming to town.

On Friday night, the network decked the halls of Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre with the likes of Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle, Vanessa Williams, Teyana Taylor, Diana Gordon, JoJo, Bebe Rexha, Remy Ma, and more for one of the most festive musical events of the season.

With iconic performances of original tunes and larger-than-life costume changes to covers of time-tested holiday classics, the full VH1 Divas: Unsilent.

Brooklyn was on fire !!!

Most all the Divas had their own glam squad but myself & team jumped in for all the dancers & did help with all haircuts & eye lashes :D.

ood start to the holidays.

Buyer & Cellar with Michael Urie

It was a beautiful summer weekend when I headed up Westport Country Playhouse to do Michael Urei for his play "Buyers & Cellars"..

What a funny play & Michael really makes a one man show very interesting all the way until the end.

When Michael walked into the dressing room he said "I know you"… I said me too but couldn't figure out where. I was never on the set of Ugly Betty…then I went ASPEN TRAILBLAZERS!  

There was a huge blizzard in NYC & he called home & his cat sitter was having a party & drinking all his booze.  We both just cracked up. I had done his makeup for a huge party for Logo in Aspen Colorado & now we meet again in Connecticut, 

OMG he is so adorable & that HAIR!!!! His hair is to dye for :D



It was late one evening when I got this call to do Chris Nunez for the finale of "Ink Masters".

Now I'm not really into tats but the tattoos these artists were doing where off the charts !!

The detail and the pain that went onto this art form was amazing!

Tats aren't for everyone but I was very grateful I got called to experience this show first hand.

Chris Nunez was so sweet (and a bit nervous since it was the finale) it made it that much more fun.

Will Arnett

This was a fun day with Will Arnett from Saturday Night Live.

He was doing a skit with the head of the NHL @ the Headquarters of the Nation Hockey League in New York City the day after the Stanley Cup Finals.

It was so silly...

Will just came in from The Hamptons for this quick bit & went straight back to meet his children. A friend was letting them stay in their guest house.

During shooting a scene this random girl just walks through the scene with an Emmy???



Penn & Teller "Fool Us"

Going back to Vegas to work with Penn & Teller on their TV show on the CW network  "Fool Us" was like coming home to my Vegas family.

Of course we are all sworn to secrecy as to all the happenings going on backstage .  So cool to see how the magicians do their magic.  

Doves flying, snakes showing up, people sawed in half, puppies disappearing .. It's Vegas :)

The magicians must try to fool Penn & Teller… well out of 20 only 4 people fooled them!

They are the KINGS of all magicians since they have been together for 40 years!!!!

It was a great 2 weeks & I hope this job goes on forever.

We had a new host Alyson Hannigan from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "How I Met Your Mother".  She was an AWESOME host. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Vegas is a crazy place but if you know the right people it can be magical.


Sam Shepard "Buried Child"

In true form Sam Shepard does not disappoint.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work on his play the final week it was on Broadway in NYC. 

This of course is not a "feel good" play but the acting was outstanding.

With Ed Harris as the lead how could it have not been spectacular ?

Taissa Farmiga from "American Horror" was one of the leads as well. She took the play to a whole new level.  Poor thing on the last day she got a cold.  She said her character took so much out of her.  You can totally see that she put her whole heart and soul into it.

The Cast:

Taissa Farmiga, Ed harris, Amy Madigan, Larry Pine, Rich Sommer, Paul Sparks, Nat Wolff

I love Broadway and everything about it.  You can shut off your brain and for 2 hours be taken away by the play.

This was thrilling!