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Belinda Moss is the THE makeup artist everyone wants.  For over 20 years she has been the number one choice for A-list celebrities, musical superstars and management types. Belinda is based in the New York City, Nashville Tennessee and Tampa Florida areas.

Belinda was recently Department Head for:

Head Supervisor for Global Citizen 2019

Head Supervisor for Amazon Prime Day Concert 2019

Head Supervisor for Hair & Makeup the 72nd Tony Awards 2019

Head Hair & Makeup for Earth’s Call in Aspen 2019

Wesley Snipes for a secret project :)

Press for Stephen King’s Pet Sematary with Mary Lambert

Interviews with Auturo Castro for Broad City & Alternatino 2019

Head Supervisor for Lincoln Jazz 2019

Head Supervisor for Billboard Women In Music 2018

Head Hair & Makeup for Paul McCartney’s Tour 2018

Head Supervisor for Nicki Minaj @ The VMA's 2018

Head Supervisor for 2018 Tony Awards

Head Supervisor For VH1 Trailblazers 

Head Supervisor for Elton John's Grammy Tribute

Andrew Lloyd Webber & John Legends for Jesus Christ Super Star

Head Supervisor of the Grammys 2018

Lady Gaga's Red Carpet

Live From Lincoln Center New Years Eve

Sir Paul McCartney

Sports Illustrated  2017

The Night of Too Many Stars 2017

Showtime At The Apollo 2017

Guitar Legends for Heroes 2017

Halo Awards 2017

Grammy Salute to Music Legends 2017

Movie "Bronx Boys"

Thanksgiving day Parade

Arthur Ashe Kids Day 2017

2017 NBA Awards

2017 Tony Awards

Alec Baldwin Roast

Showtime At The Apollo

Kevin Kline's Play "Present Laughter"

Penn & Teller "Fool Us"

VH1 Divas

Bob Dylan

On The Exhale with Marin Ireland

2017 American Songbook Gala 

New Years Eve at Lincoln Center with the NY Philharmonic

Save the Rainforest @ Carnegie Hall with Trudie Styler & Sting

Tony Bennett's 90th Birthday @ Radio City Music Hall

Video with Robert NeNiro & Jim Norton

Halo Awards 2016

Tracy Morgan for several interviews.  Interviews with Steve Martin

Hip Hop Honors * VH1 Divas  * Showtime At The Apollo

 Dave Matthews with Joshua Bell
2016 Tony Awards• New Now Next Honors Logo Awards in Aspen 2016 * Hip Hop Honors * She Loves Me" play for PBS * Arthur Ashe Kids Day * Play with Michael Urie* 2016 COPA Championship
• A Tribute to Joan Baez   * Fool Us  with Penn & Teller * I Heart Radio with Keith Urban & Bobby Bones. 

When THEY just have to look good, THEY call one person: Belinda Moss.  Doesn’t matter the venue, the show or the medium. For over 20 years, Belinda has been THE makeup artist that everyone wants. 

Ask politicians, models, TV and movie stars, corporate CEO’s and musicians. They all ask for Belinda because she makes them look good AND feel good, and that’s when they’re at their best. And not surprisingly, once they work with Belinda, they don’t want anyone else.

Ask Sir Paul McCartney
Ask Andrew Lloyd Webber
Ask Sting


Jon Snow & a White Walker

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander

It’s not just hype. Her list of credits is a “who’s who” of people who appear in front of cameras and audiences. Belinda is equally at home with A –list celebrities and amateurs whether they have talent or not, with musical superstars and management types. Her ability to put anyone at ease while making them look their best is the key. Her energy and positive attitude is infectious, which leads to better performances once they leave her chair.

Uma Thurman

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Tracey Morgan

Tracey Morgan

Keith Richards

Keith Richards

Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem

That’s why Belinda Moss has credits like these:

Department Head of NBA Awards 2017

Department Head of 2017 Tony Awards

Department Head Trailblazer Awards 2017

Play "Present Laughter " with Tony winner Kevin Kline

Deparment Head of "Show Time At The Apollo" with Steve Harvey

New Jersey Hall of Fame 2017

American Songbook Gala for CBS 2017

"The Holiday Inn " Play for HD Broadway 2017

New Years Eve @ Lincoln Center with Mo Rocca & the NY Philharmonic 2016 

Department Head of Tony Bennett's 90th Birthday @ Radio City

Save the Rainforest with Trudie Styler & Sting 2016

Department Head Hip Hop Honors 2016

Video with Bob Dylan 2016

Department Head VH1 Divas 2016

Department Head Halo Awards 2016

Department Head Show Time At The Apollo 2016
Department Head Pope Francis

Department Head Hip Hop Honors 2016

Department Head of The Tony Awards (17 years ) 2016

Department Head for Hip Hop Honors 2016
Department Head The ONE ( RED ) concert with Bono @ Carnage Hall 2016
Department Head Sinatra Voice For A Century with Sting 2015
Department Head The John Lennon Tribute 2015
Department Head for The Halo Awards
Department Head Save the The Forest for Trudie & Sting @ Carnegie Hall 2015
Department Head The VH1 Big Music 2015 " YOU OUGHT TO KNOW"
Department Head of Broadway at The White House
Department Head of “America’s Got Talent!” 
Department Head of Red Nose Day
Department Head Arthur Ashe Kids Day (10 years)
Department Head VH1 Big Music 2015
Department Head NFL Honors 2014
Department Head VH1 O Music Awards 2013
Department Head PBS “The Apple Family” play
Department Head for the Coen Brothers and T Bone Burnett concert film.
Department Head The Million Second Quiz with Ryan Seacrest!
Department Head for The 2012 Presidential Debate
Department Head “The Night Of Too Many Stars” on Comedy Central
Department Head The Rain-forest Fund concert with Sting and wife Trudie at Carnegie Hall
Department Head Jason Mraz & Norah Jones for VH 1 Storytellers
Department Head for The 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief.

In her spare time, Belinda lends her expertise to, an organization that teaches Nicaraguan girls the art of Makeup and Hair, a marketable skill that can help them avoid a life of prostitution and poverty.

If you absolutely, positively have to look your best, there’s just one person to call: Belinda Moss.
Belinda Moss is based in the NYC metropolitan area as well as Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL.


White Walkers & Jon Snow

White Walkers & Jon Snow

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley