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Belinda Moss is the THE makeup artist everyone wants.  For over 20 years she has been the number one choice for A-list celebrities, musical superstars and management types. Belinda is based in the New York City, Nashville Tennessee and Tampa Florida areas.

Sam Shepard "Buried Child"

In true form Sam Shepard does not disappoint.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work on his play the final week it was on Broadway in NYC. 

This of course is not a "feel good" play but the acting was outstanding.

With Ed Harris as the lead how could it have not been spectacular ?

Taissa Farmiga from "American Horror" was one of the leads as well. She took the play to a whole new level.  Poor thing on the last day she got a cold.  She said her character took so much out of her.  You can totally see that she put her whole heart and soul into it.

The Cast:

Taissa Farmiga, Ed harris, Amy Madigan, Larry Pine, Rich Sommer, Paul Sparks, Nat Wolff

I love Broadway and everything about it.  You can shut off your brain and for 2 hours be taken away by the play.

This was thrilling!