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Belinda Moss is the THE makeup artist everyone wants.  For over 20 years she has been the number one choice for A-list celebrities, musical superstars and management types. Belinda is based in the New York City, Nashville Tennessee and Tampa Florida areas.

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Rachel Dratch

Mo Williams’s All Star Storytime!

What a fabulous event at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Mo Williams has written several children’s book & brought a few of his celebrity friends to read them and act out the role.

Willems first became interested in cartoon art when he was just a child. When he was 3 or 4 he started to draw and create his own characters. Willems enjoyed writing stories about his characters to share with others. However, he was disappointed when adults would praise his work out of politeness. To fix this dilemma Willems started writing funny stories. He knew that even polite adults could not fake a laugh. So when the adults laughed he knew his story was good and if the adults still gave polite comments then he knew his story was bad.

The celebrity friends that were there and I had the honor to work with are:

Anthony Anderson

Yvette Nicole Brown

Rachel Dratch

Cameron Esposito

Tony Hale

Greta Lee

Thomas Lennon

Joey Mazzarino

Natalie Morales

Fred Newman

Oscar Nunez

It was a beautiful day at The Kennedy Center … The Watergate Hotel was pretty awesome too :)


The Tony Awards 2019

My absolute favorite show of the YEAR!!!

The 73rd Annual Tony Awards were held on June 9, 2019, to recognize achievement in Broadway productions during the 2018–19 season. The ceremony was held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and was broadcast live by CBS. James Corden served as host

Bob Mackie was honored and The Cher Show is a MUST see!

Stephanie J. Block even won the Tony for best actress for the show.

James Corden is an absolute DREAM to work with. He is a riot! I found myself in tears on many occasions just his quick dry humor.

I LOVE the Tonys!!!!

Theather people are so professional and are a true joy to work with.

Can’t wait until next year!


Mary Lambert for Pet Sematary

First let me say how much I respect Mary Lambert. She is force to be reckoned with. She is one powerful woman & SMART!

Like David Fincher, filmmaker Mary Lambert started her career by directing Madonna's music videos. In the early days of MTV, she directed "Borderline," "Material Girl," and, eventually, the groundbreaking video for "Like a Prayer." She also did videos for Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown, as well as commercials, video games, and Saturday Night Live shorts. In 1987, she made her famous.

Stephen King clearly loves her work & she went on to direct Pet Sematary ! and 2.

I’ve been to her apartment & have seen her paintings SHE painted… Yes, the woman does it all and with style!

I’m honored to call her my friend.

LOVE Mary Lambert :)


Gloria Steinem

What a pleasure it was to work with this incredible woman.

Her show on Broadway “Gloria” will not disappoint. There was not a dry eye in the house at the end of the night.

Gloria is the first truly strong woman that I admired & she is a powerhouse!

Gloria is a writer, lecturer, political activist, and feminist organizer. She travels in this and other countries as an organizer and lecturer and is a frequent media spokeswoman on issues of equality. She is particularly interested in the shared origins of sex and race caste systems, gender roles and child abuse as roots of violence, non-violent conflict resolution, the cultures of indigenous peoples, and organizing across boundaries for peace and justice. She lives in New York City, and just published her first book in over twenty years.

It was a true honor to just be a small part of her life, even if it was only for the weekend.


Paul McCartney for his "Egypt Station" Tour

What a fabulous treat to be with Paul McCartney on tour!!

We started out on The Jimmy Fallon show where those two had so much fun playing tricks on people and just having a good old time.

Egypt Station has been number 1 for 2 weeks in a row now..

Go Team McCartney!!!!!

Heading to Canada then to Japan. Did I mention Paul is HUGE in Japan!

Nothing like kicking it Old School with a true Rock & Roll Star..


Kevin Bacon talks about his cousin Holly Near

It was a bright sunny day in lower Manhattan that we did an interview with Kevin Bacon.

He was thrilled to talk about his cousin Holly Near.

Holly is a singer, songwriter, teacher & activist. I’m sure we would totally get along :)

Special quotes from Holly:


Why do we kill people who are killing people to show that killing people is wrong?

If you have the guts to keep making mistakes, your wisdom and intelligence leap forward with huge momentum.

The women's movement completely changed attitudes all over the world in ways we'll never be able to count.

YES, we would be fast friends!!


Tony Bennet & Diana Krall

This was a fun week promoting a new album with Tony Bennett & Diana Krall.

The title is “Love Is Here To Stay”…

All the songs are from the George Gershwin collection so you know everyone is a hit!

These two work so beautifully together and their love for one another shows even on the album.

I just love Old School, with all it’s class and meaning in every song.

Did you know that George Gershwin died at the tender age of 38! What a genius.

It was an honor as always to work with these two talented musicians.

Life is good :)


Tony Awards 2018

The Tony Awards are one of the shows I look forward to every year.

Our hosts Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles were absolutely AWESOME!

Theather actors are the best to work with as they are so professional and charming.  There is never drama on stage or backstage.  Everyone hits their marks and they are on time !

I've worked with so many of the actors the list would be too long but to just add a few of my favorites... 

Tony Shalhoub , Bruce Springsteen , Robert DeNiro, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Chita Rivera, Katrina Lenk and Denzel Washington were the high light of my evening.  Denzel is ever so sweet and did I mention HANDSOME!

I worked with Josh Groban for press on the days leading up to the show.  Josh is quite the charmer :)... He told me he loved MY makeup!

Doing this show for almost 18 years now NEVER gets old.

I love when the Tonys come to town!




2018 New Jersey Hall of Fame

This is always a fun show I do with Mr. Wollin down  at the Jersey Shore at Asbury Park.

The number of people that were being honored I honestly could not keep up.  Everyone was having such a good time  Here is a list of all the people I did hair & makeup on ... It was truly a ROCKSTAR kind of night !

Debbie Harry, Bruce Springsteen , Little Steven Van Zant, Tommy James, Gloria Gaynor, The Four Seasons , Buzz Aldrin , Felipe Rose (From the Village People) and so many others.

My job is so fun !



Andrew Lloyd Webber Book Tour "Unmasked" A Memoir

What a thrill to be in the company of a genius Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I admire this man and all that he has achieved in his 70 years of life on this planet.

His book is so fabulous that almost everyone asked when will he write another?

Right off the heels of producing "Jesus Christ Super Star" now he is promoting his book !

You can't keep a good man down :)

I'm happy to be on this ride with him.


Sir Paul McCartney & Meryl Streep

In the middle of the 4th blizzard in March I made it to Paul McCartney's home for an interview that turned out to be the most memorable day that I've had in years.

As I was getting Paul ready for his interview I was helping him read lines and just being present to help, not that Paul needs any help with interviews as he's a wealth of knowledge about any subject.

The interview will air all over social media on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s death.  With so much going on in the world it was refreshing to hear words of peace and hope.  Paul spoke of his duet with Stevie Wonder "Ebony & Ivory".  Perfect choice!

As Paul was wrapping up his interview I turned to find Meryl Streep standing behind me. I think Paul was even a bit star struck. 

Both Paul & Meryl nailed it in 2 takes ,  enough time for all of us to get home before the blizzard gained momentum.

Driving home in the storm I felt blessed in every way.  Life is so GRAND and I get to sit on the sidelines and watch it play out.


Jason Alexander in the "Portuguese Kid"

Jay Scott Greenspan (born September 23, 1959),[2] known by his stage name Jason Alexander, is an American actor, voice actor, comedian and director.

Alexander is best known for his role as George Costanza in the television series Seinfeld. Other well-known roles include Phillip Stuckey in the film Pretty Woman (1990) and the title character in the animated series Duckman (1994–1997).

Alexander has had an active career on stage, appearing in several Broadway musicals including Jerome Robbins' Broadway in 1989, for which he won the Tony Award as Best Leading Actor in a Musical. He appeared in the Los Angeles production of The Producers. He was the Artistic Director of "Reprise! Broadway's Best in Los Angeles", where he has directed several musicals.

Jason was the lead in a show we did for Broadway HD & PBS.

Jason could not have been more delightful... He took selfies with us backstage and was a pure joy to be around.  No EGO here :)

I'll work with him ANYTIME!!


Arthur Ashe Kids Day Start of the US Open

This is always a very cool show for me.  It's the beginning of the US Open & if you know me, I'm totally into tennis!!!  LOVE the game!  So it was a rush to see 3 of my favorite players there.

Roger Federer , Venus Williams & Rafael Nadal.

Arthur Ashe Kids Day is close to my heart because a portion of the ticket sales go to helping kids that never could afford or even given the chance to learn tennis on all levels.

This is a huge venue for kids to launch their careers as well .

Sophia Carson was fabulous & so was Jack & Jack.

Great show all the way around.


Grammy Salute To Music Legends

Well, this was quite a night!

Myself & my team were running from one hotel to another doing hair & makeup for the worlds icons.

The list of legends of the Grammys were overwhelming.

This is just some of the artists that were being honored:

Russell Thompkins

Dionne Warwick

Stanley Cowell

Dwight Yoakam

Andra Day

Randy Newman

Charlie Pride

Whoopi Goldberg & Paul Shaffer were presenters.

Needless to say we had a busy & memorable night :)

Abby Hornacek

One afternoon I received this call asking if I could do "Drone Racing" for the DRL in an empty warehouse in Nokia Bell Labs. This is also about a good 3 hours outside of New York City.

Thinking to myself what??? Why would they need makeup & hair???

In comes Abby Hornacek the host.   She is also the daughter of the head couch of the New York Knicks Jeff Hornacek.  She lives in Los Angeles now going to school but is trying to make it in the broadcast arena which I know all of you are going to see her & she will be a household name.  She's that good :)

It's not so much ..well of course she is stunning but she is a real trouper.  We had to be at this HUGE empty warehouse for at least 14 to 15 hours a day & she never complained.

Drone racing is so cool & worth looking up to watch, just saying.

It was an awesome experience & a gig I'll never forget.  The people at DLR are also very cool!



John Cena host of Nickelodeon "Teen Choice Awards"

What a cool guy John Cena is!

We were doing lots of B Roll at Viacom for his up coming role as host of the "Teen Choice Awards"….with slim and everything :D

Just before he got there he was at Good Morning America…Get this… HOLDING Al Roker over his head & doing squats.

John is a professional wrestler & actor & now a HOST!

The dude can do anything!!!!!!

It was funny to watch him try on off the rack board shorts… his thighs are HUGE but his waist is tiny.

I would never want to piss him off :D