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Nicki Minaj at The VMA's

Well, this was one show that will go down in history and it was no easy task.... but I love the adrenaline rush.

Just when you think you have seen it all... BAM!!!

The VMA's are on Sunday night, Saturday at 3:30pm Nicki's stylist wanted all 8 female dancers to have 25 inch pony tails with matching bangs. Ok, I'll make that happen... No problem!

Sunday (day of show) that afternoon Nicki brought in 4 new dancers from LA which were all Asian with blonde hair.. OK still made it happen! 

When we finally get to the stage, wardrobe wants us to attach METAL head gear on the crown  of their heads.  We probably used 3000 bobby pins to secure those pieces on!  My fear was one would have flown off when they whipped their head around. Not one fell off!!!! Made it Happen!

When Nicki Minaj is on the performance list for an awards show, you know she’s going to deliver. The Queen rapper, whose new album just dropped Aug. 10, made quite a mark at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards: she chose to stage her show-stopping performance at the Occulus.

Singing from downtown Manhattan’s Oculus, the transport hub and shopping center that opened in the World Trade Center district recently, the Queens rapper served up an energetic medley of songs from her album, opening with “Majesty” before shedding her elaborate pink cape to rap “Barbie Dreams” and one more track, dressed in golden armor.