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Belinda Moss is the THE makeup artist everyone wants.  For over 20 years she has been the number one choice for A-list celebrities, musical superstars and management types. Belinda is based in the New York City, Nashville Tennessee and Tampa Florida areas.

Live from Lincoln Center New Years Eve with the New York Philharmonic

Must say I get to do the BEST show in town on  New Years Eve.

Lincoln Center, the New York Philharmonic , Annaleigh Ashford, Christopher Jackson, Laura Osnes & Aaron Tveit.. how can you go wrong?

It's always an honor to work at Lincoln Center & New Years Eve is even better.

What a beautiful way to end 2017!

I'm so looking forward to 2018... It's going to be the BEST year yet!!!!!

Wishing everyone a happy & health new year.


Guitar Legends for Heroes

New York was jumping Thursday night with guitar legends from all over the world.

All the money went for helping our veterans .. Pier 54 was packed so we made some serous cash to help our vets.

The line up was : Richie Samboria, Lindsay Ell, Orianthi, Billy Gibbons, Tracy Adkins, Robert Randolph, Eddie Trunk, Dave Navarro, Nancy Wilson, Sam Moore, & Joe Don Rooney.

All these awesome talented people brought the house down & there was not a soul sitting down.

God Bless America!!


Lindsay Ell & Belinda Moss

Lindsay Ell & Belinda Moss

Halo Awards

Nick Cannon did it again!!!

This was the best Halo Awards in recent history.

Nick searches for 4 kids that actually help save the world.

One kid Caleb raised $300,000 to help the homeless in Chicago & recruits a team of 3000 to help clean up the city.... He's 11.

What have you done today??? :D

The talent list was off the chart:

Kelly Clarkson

Kelsea Ballerini

Why Don't We

Another year of amazing Brainiacs :) 

#Love my job


Arthur Ashe Kids Day Start of the US Open

This is always a very cool show for me.  It's the beginning of the US Open & if you know me, I'm totally into tennis!!!  LOVE the game!  So it was a rush to see 3 of my favorite players there.

Roger Federer , Venus Williams & Rafael Nadal.

Arthur Ashe Kids Day is close to my heart because a portion of the ticket sales go to helping kids that never could afford or even given the chance to learn tennis on all levels.

This is a huge venue for kids to launch their careers as well .

Sophia Carson was fabulous & so was Jack & Jack.

Great show all the way around.


The Play "Indecent"

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

I LOVE what I do & I get to work on  the best shows in New York City.

The final week of the play "Indecent" we were blessed to film it LIVE on Broadway HD

The actors were so excited & theater actors are always such a pleasure to work with.

It was especially cool to work with the star Katrina Lenk.

I'm so very grateful for all the blessings in my life.

Life is GOOD!!!!

Grammy Salute To Music Legends

Well, this was quite a night!

Myself & my team were running from one hotel to another doing hair & makeup for the worlds icons.

The list of legends of the Grammys were overwhelming.

This is just some of the artists that were being honored:

Russell Thompkins

Dionne Warwick

Stanley Cowell

Dwight Yoakam

Andra Day

Randy Newman

Charlie Pride

Whoopi Goldberg & Paul Shaffer were presenters.

Needless to say we had a busy & memorable night :)

2017 Trailblazer Awards

This Award show is one of a kind.  First it takes place in one of the most beautiful places on Earth St. John of the Devine. 

It celebrates the LGBT Community & it's stars!

Cyndi Lauper was honored & had 12 violinist play behind her as she sang "True Colors". 

It was sad at times hearing the stories of people that were killed in the Orlando shootings & many other very disturbing  stories but this show is trying to keep people aware of what is going on & the LGBT community is getting stronger & wiser with the help of educated people.


I LOVE my Crew below!!!! True ANGELS!!

"Showtime At The Apollo" with Steve Harvey

So Steve Harvey's first hosting show was "Showtime At the Apollo" 20 years ago. Unfortunately he was fired & there were so many other hosts that took over the show.

Most like Whoopie, Capone, Monique, & many others I did the show with over 15 years ago at the Apollo.

Steve decided to buy the show &  bring it back every Saturday night like the old days.

6 days..3 shows a day... We had our first couple of months.

Looking forward to our next run :) complete with Steve harvey & The Sandman.

2017 NBA Awards

Well, this was the first year the NBA had it's own award show & it was awesome!

Drake was the host... how could they go wrong :)

Nicki Minaj sang & had 18 dancers that all needed hair & makeup.  It was a crazy show but as ALWAYS.. we got the job done & with elegance.

Looking forward to next year.



Kevin Kline (Tony Award Winner) in "Present Laughter"

This was one of the best plays I've done in quite awhile.

I was honored to work with Kevin Kline which he won the Tony for his performance in this play.

The wig maker, wardrobe, writers all should have won awards!

The wigs were all sewn by hand with love & the wardrobe was spot on for the 1920's

Again I was so honored & grateful to work for Broadway HD & PBS for being able to see & be part of the fabulous play.

Kevin shined as the true star that he is !

2017 Tony Awards

Thank goodness the Tonys came back to Radio City! That is their proper home :) We were at the Beacon the last couple of years.

Kevin Spacey was our host this year & he did not disappoint. He was funny & he can really DANCE & SING!

Uma Thurman , an old client hung out in the makeup room & we had some laughs.

It takes a village to pull off this show & I'm proud to say this is my 18th year doing it.

This is my favorite show of the tear...No drama because theatre actors are so professional that drama isn't even in their vocabulary :)  Which in this business is RARE!

This show just keeps getting better & better every year!

Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

What an AMAZING play we did at The Tony Kiser Theatre.

The best part was meeting this fabulous actor Wade McCollin.  He transformed his beard into frost in 2 minutes then changes it back. there were many transformations & it was so exciting to be a part of this beautiful cast. I learned a few things as well.

Again it was cool that Broadway HD streamed this LIVE.

Check out the transformation on Valerie Vigoda below.

This is totally worth going to see. Keep your eye out as they are moving to a new theater .

LOVED it!!!

New Jersey Hall of Fame

What a wild night in Asbury Park :D

It was the 9th Annual Red Carpet Induction Ceremony ..Class of 2016 Inductees

Pretty much the best of the best of New Jersey.

This was my first year & i knew quite a few of the inductees.

Jay O Sanders & I did like 8 plays together & he was one of the presenters so the photo below is him & I being photo bombed with our producer Marc Wollin. Very cool night!

The Inductees were:

Kelly Ripa, Carol Blazejowski, Carol Higgins Clark, Connie Francis, Rosey Grier, Arthur Imperatore, Tommy James, Wyclef Jean, Ray Liotta, Chuck Wepner, Peace Pilgrim, & Alfred Koeppe

Tommy James & Wyclef Jean performed. It was an awesome night.


"On The Exhale" with Marin Ireland

I just love doing plays.  It's hard sometimes to even get tickets & the hustle trying to get in & out of he city & the price.. well that's another story!  

So I feel very blessed to be able to film these plays & being a big part of watching them being streamed on Broadway HD.

This play staring Marin Ireland was very dark but she was a ONE WOMAN show & commanded the stage for the full 90 minutes.

It was dark but sometimes reality is not funny!


Penn & Teller "Fool Us"

Being in the desert meaning VEGAS for 15 days is hard on a girl,  but working with Penn & Teller & the whole "Fool Us" crew is so worth it!!!

This is our 4th season of "Fool Us" on the CW Network channel & they are already taking about the 5th season...YAY! The show was also nominated for many awards this past year. 2017 will not disappoint! 

Penn & Teller are the coolest guys to work with & all the magicians that come on the show make for such a memorable  day.

Of course I would NEVER tell how the tricks are done..... but honestly the acts are getting better & better.  There were more magicians that fooled them this year than all the years combined.

Can't wait for next year :D

John Cena


When John walks into a room you know it!

He's in awesome shape but he can't fit into clothes off the rack :)  John's legs are so muscular we had to rip the back of the board shorts to get him in them.

Working with him was a blast as he was the host of the Nickelodeon "Kids Choice Awards".

It was a very COOL feeling looking up in Times Square & see the promo we did for the show. As they say it was as big as life.... and life is GOOD!!!


Abby Hornacek

One afternoon I received this call asking if I could do "Drone Racing" for the DRL in an empty warehouse in Nokia Bell Labs. This is also about a good 3 hours outside of New York City.

Thinking to myself what??? Why would they need makeup & hair???

In comes Abby Hornacek the host.   She is also the daughter of the head couch of the New York Knicks Jeff Hornacek.  She lives in Los Angeles now going to school but is trying to make it in the broadcast arena which I know all of you are going to see her & she will be a household name.  She's that good :)

It's not so much ..well of course she is stunning but she is a real trouper.  We had to be at this HUGE empty warehouse for at least 14 to 15 hours a day & she never complained.

Drone racing is so cool & worth looking up to watch, just saying.

It was an awesome experience & a gig I'll never forget.  The people at DLR are also very cool!



Don Rickle, Regis Philbin & Miss Piggy

What a day this was :D

OMG Don Rickles does not care what ever comes out of his mouth!

He cracked jokes so much on this job that we did we actually could use half of them.

His answer … I'm 90 years old & I can say what ever I wan….& he did.

Regis tried to step in a few times but that just wasn't happening .

The crew laughed so hard, some had to leave the room.

When Miss Piggy showed up the gig was up!!!

They both knew they were the 2 old guys in the balcony like Sesame Street.

I can't EVEN repeat some of things that came out of Don's mouth but Regis was a saint & a true gentleman.

Some good belly laughs that day!!!

Natalie Cole

A friend found this picture of Natalie Cole when I did her hair & makeup for the week to sing with "Countess Luann" for New York Housewives.

Natalie's voice was that of an angel… Luann's not so much.

When they both sang together, clearly you knew who was classically trained.

Natalie has ALWAYS been a pro to work with & I will miss her very much.

In this picture we went through 8 different red lipsticks to match her dress :)

She was so stunning that night.

Out of all her problems, she showed up on time & was a true class acts.

RIP Natalie Cole!